Thursday, May 24, 2012

Teach For America - Just The Beginning

A Boston University Graduate

A Future Law Student

A Future Senator


Somehow along the path to my dreams of being a lawyer and Senator, I've come across the great opportunity to teach students in disadvantaged areas with Teach For America.

I've never realized how well respected and known Teach For America is until I traveled beyond Boston University's campus. Of course current BU students and recent graduates know what TFA is -- they heavily recruit on campus and send thousands of unwanted e-mails every year to students like me. The difference I have realized though is that no matter whom I talk with outside of the BU college environment, they still know what TFA is and the competitiveness of the program. Every person seems impressed and congratulates me and shares in my excitement. Each encounter makes me more honored to be a part of the program.

On June 5th, 2012 I will be moving into a dormitory at Delta State University in Cleveland, MS to start an intensive 5-week intensive summer training program. I'll learn how to manage a classroom, control outbursts of student behavior and ultimately, how to teach. All of us training will wake up at 4am or 5am, travel to schools across the state to teach, observe and learn about classrooms. We return to Delta State to build our skills through lessons taught by TFA staff members. After prepping for class the next day, we hit the sac to get (hopefully) a few hours of sleep.

I'm beyond excited to get down to the Mississippi Delta. (different than the Mississippi River Delta) There are just so many similar motivated people in the Teach For America program that I can't wait to grow from their excitement and passion to end education inequalities in the country. Together we will make a difference and I look forward to the journey. It will be two years of intense growth, sacrifice and relentless commitment before my time comes to an end with Teach For America, but I plan on making it as fun as possible!

I hope that you follow me on this journey as I'm going to reach into so many different adventures -- not just teaching, but hopefully owning a house, becoming a landlord and developing an understanding of Southern culture. As usual, I promise to try my hardest to update often. If you see me slacking, reach out to me and kick me in the butt!