Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Look Back on Valentine's Day

I know many a person who says "Valentine's Day is stupid" or "Valentine's Day is a conspiracy for luxury goods businesses to sell their stuff" or they simply just call it "FML Day."

But what is so bad about it, the love that flows on February 14th each and every year adds to the strong bonds we can share as a society. Perhaps it's not the love that brings us together, but the hatred for those whom have that love we desire.

I don't stop to think twice about the holiday. It's a holiday and it means something to me, despite being single. I can celebrate the love I have for friends.

To learn about what Valentine's Day is meant to mean, I looked to good ol' Wikipedia. I already knew that it is actually Saint Valentine's Day, so I have a leg up on most people I know.

What I learned is that the real market of Valentine's Day started in a women's house in Worcester, MA. I don't know if that's verifiable but nor was I truly interested in this.

My love affair with the information came from the content describing the 19th century courtships-when love was truly a romantic endeavor. This is how life should be. Hand-written notes sent in secrecy to another person to express the desire, the deep desires to have that person in your longing arms.

It doesn't seem real that the first physical valentine we have to look to today is from the early 15th century, that's 1400-over 600 years ago. Love has existed for so much longer. So many people keep the love notes passed to them years ago in a box under their bed. I'm sure many centuries ago women did the same. Love affairs sprung about in the royal kingdoms, forbidden by the King or Queen for their son's and daughters. Love was truly an affair, something extravagant, something that was ready to bloom but wasn't allowed to in many cases. Lust was the true form of entertainment and marriage back then. Love was only shown to those whom it affected. Men of power weren't allowed to show their deep love for their wives to make it known they weren't weakened by such emotion.

Much is different today. We look higher upon those whom have strong bonds with close ones. Love is now abused. We find that one person and then abuse that love by cheating or wishing to. Neither is okay. Let love strengthen your bonds, don't let it tempt your mind with the things you shouldn't want but seem to crave. Love is what one deeply desires and without love, one's heart will seem like a waning wasteland.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Madonna Is Abusing Her Fame, Making The Wrong Choices

So, if you haven't heard-Madonna is building a $15 million school in Malawi. Great, right?

Not quite. Let's take another look;

Madonna has been generous to the residents of Malawi. She has adopted two children, a daughter and a son, from the nation. There seems to be a glimmer in her eyes whenever she visits and sets her eyes upon the children of the country. So why would she think it appropriate to displace hundreds of Malawian villagers?

The claim is that her school will benefit the families that have to leave their land. Those whom were forced out were compensated for their trees, houses and the like and supposedly given large sums, courtesy of Madonna. All nice, especially since they were also given different government land in exchange. The girls that attend the school will learn the scientific processes that will allow them to aid other women and girls whom have health problems throughout Malawi. Great, but the problem is that there is displacement of villagers at all.

If government land plots are being given to those whom were displaced, then why can't Madonna build her school on that land instead? There shouldn't be a reason for the specific land that the school is being built on.

There's also another problem; the school is solely for girls. It is often that in many nations women don't have the same opportunities that men do; but in many nations, such as Malawi, men and women don't have great chances. I support any endeavor to insure a nation's growth, but a nation can't grow equitably if there isn't equal treatment. Girls and boys could benefit from a school.

It seems that Madonna is taking the same approach to clawing her way into philanthropic work-aiming for one specific objective that excludes many, just as Oprah had done in South Africa. Girls need mentors, role models, someone to help them grow and embody themselves fully... but must we as a society full of philanthropists be so strict with our choices? Please, I beg, let us begin to branch out. Stop calling out inequality and then enabling the perpetual cycle. A girl's school will educate young women, but will also inevitably instill an idea of difference of sexes. Girls and boys go to different schools to give them equal chances-does this make sense? No.

We can all do our part. We must first think of those whom we want to aid. Then we must think of everyone whom will be effected by our choices. Finally we can conclude wether or not to move forward. Put aside all personal desires, sacrifice what you may think is wholly right for the path that will actually make the most people benefit. Affecting many is better than just a few-Let's make large-scale change.

A Start Toward New Things

In this blog I will look for news articles I find interesting and that I feel strongly toward.
I may agree, I may disagree; I may give praise, I may get heated... This will be the place I show "my true colors."

I am looking to develop my intellect in a distinct way-learning to analyze and articulate.

From time to time I may also post progress in various areas of my life. I will tell you now that I aim high and shoot for the stars each and every day-hence the name of my blog. There is one set goal in my life and that is to help others.

As I strive to find my best path to help others, I've always found myself leading back to Law. With a law degree I hope to find my way to the Senate where, although many find Senators disconnected, I plan to advocate for the public. There will always be disagreements with politicians, but they are representing a huge mass of people. Not everyone can be pleased.

I know that I will struggle along the way to attain my goals in life, but I look forward to the challenges, the triumphs and the great times to be had.

Until next time.

Yours classically,