Sunday, February 10, 2013

Creating a Goal Plan

What I've been thinking about lately are the abundance of thoughts that have gone through my head since coming down to Mississippi. I've opened up about religion, education, politics, and biases. The unfortunate part is that I'm not a journalist .

By that I mean I have not put down all my thoughts at the time they happen. It's an interesting process coming up with so many ideas and then somehow losing them because you forgot to write it down.

I've tried to mitigate this before by downloading the blogger app on my former phone, but that clearly didn't help. I've bought little black books to write down ideas, but I left them at home or at other various random places.

Because I've been thinking so much I have such great ideas for the future of my community and myself. Somehow, I've gotten lost in the ideas for the future.

Developed are broad stroke ideas with some very detailed steps - there just lacks a route to get to the steps.

Now starts the process to organizing my future. Creating small goals, a month out, six months out, a year out.

I have plans to become a Senator, but what are the monthly steps I am taking to get there. Impatience can take its toll, but I am taking the chance to make sure I don't let impatience create inaction. I am creating plans and working toward my broader ideas.