Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We Must Not Stand By, But Rather Stand Against.

Water - A free, natural resource that we all are allowed to use as we wish, right?

Wrong, or at least so says many countries, including the United States.

This is a recent issue that has been brought to light, despite having been a brewing storm for decades.

Water is becoming privatized. Most people think to themselves - "How do you privatize water? There's too much water for anyone to own, and who could possibly own it?" This is the problem that we must contemplate. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and other companies like Suez and Thames all claim they have the right to use the public resources. They have been buying up land, building factories upon that land and stealing the precious water that some people call "Blue Gold."

Is this a bad thing? YES! What the companies do is take the water from the land, which drains it of the water that is needed to feed the fern and fauna. As the water is transported elsewhere, the rain and rivers can not replenish it at the same rate, causing a succession of desert-like areas sprouting up - areas that once were lush with greenery.

Also, if you look at what the companies pay for the water, you'd be astonished. NOTHING. Yes, that's right. The companies pay nothing on the water that they take from the land. Yet, the impact is spread far and wide. We are proposing a carbon tax, stopping the extreme rates of pollution, but what about a water tax on companies? This will cause them to rethink the way they do business. To create more sustainable products.

A current thought is that we can just create desalination plants to purify ocean water. How about the companies that need the water create the desalination plants? Then the citizens of countries can revive their lands and save the environment. The large companies that need water will be paying for their usage by the creation and operation of these new purifying factories.

It's also appalling that the companies get away with their criminal activity by the corruption of politics. Bribery is more common than one could ever wish. Just look at all the indictments against Congressmen/women, Senators, Governors and Mayors all of whom have taken small but vote-swaying bribes. These bribes lead to the mistreatment of constituents that trust their leaders to vote in the publics interest. But no, it is the personal gain that overcomes the like-minded politicians, giving up their morals for a free trip or a couple thousand of dollars. Sort of like selling your soul to the devil, but rather it's selling your elected seat to the monopolistic companies that overtake nature for profit. We can only be so lucky to divulge all the secrets that are harbored in Washington and various states so that the political criminals can be sent to jail and hopefully non-demoralized beings can be voted to hold office.

Developing countries are seeing even more of the devastation from the companies because they are easier to be taken advantage of. The WTO (World Trade Organization) can and does require the countries that have received assistance to open the doors to the money hungry businesses. Citizens then see their natural water sources become depleted. Often there isn't enough power from the people to overtake the companies. Only when there is a rally, and a persistent rebellion that lasts months, maybe years, will the government listen. I'm happy to say that I see a bright future for these countries, but it seems dark for them tomorrow.

"Blue Gold," a documentary on the commodification of water, really brings to light the echos of water privatization. The effects of the markets are broadening and becoming more apparent. But as more and more people become aware of the siege on our public goods, we will take them back. The People ultimately have the hand to grasp what it theirs. If they stick to the struggle through the battles that may hurt a few, the rewards will ultimately be great. Don't be fooled - the corporations have the guns and money to fight a fierce war against all those whom wish to knock them down, but if we fight on our territory (which we do) then we can ambush them and fight them from the foundation of their argument.

If the United States of America succumbs to the pressures of power conglomerates, then there is little hope for others. That is why the United States needs to stand up in support of the replenishing of public sources of water, so that we may lead the way for other nations. Paris, in 2009, saw contracts with water giants end and refused to renew them. Small steps are a start, but let us be the first huge wave against the resistance.

Let us make the change for the future; let us protect the Earth for generations to come - without water, humans can't exist.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What type of person are you?

I watched a movie last night called "The People Speak." It was fantastic and I totally recommend it for anyone who wants to be inspired by the truth. It wasn't a motivational movie but it was analytic in how revolution has been created over the years.

Today I realized that I'm not a generational motivator. In my opinion, everyone should be their own motivator.

If you want something to happen, make it happen. If you want something, go get it.

Work hard, and make things happen.

I've personally experienced this throughout the past few years. After being kicked out of my father's house in 2008, right before college, I was forced to be a go-getter. I have always been like that, but it was only strengthened by this incident.

A lot of people have come to me for advice on how to make things happen, what's the best solution, how to get what they want. In my opinion, everyone has to take their own path. Really look at where you want to go. If you see an end goal, think about the decision you have to make and the best choice to keep on the path toward success.

Don't rely on other's success to make you motivated. Sometimes it is essential to have a rolemodel to say - "Hey, you can do anything you put your mind to" but that's exactly it - you're the one that can make it happen. To go to college, if you're unable to get loans, what's the next best solution? Can you go to a grandparent to access funds? Can you take night classes and work during the day? Each decision is hard, but you have to be a self-motivator.

I really feel that whatever one ends up deciding shows their true passions. So, if you truly have a passion for knowledge, for learning, for academic success, you need to find a route for that. If you possess a true love of something, you will find a way. Be a self-motivator. Use any and all resources available to you. Make your dreams come true. It is you that matters. It is your dreams that are at stake. Look up to somebody for guidance, but rely on yourself to make the changes.

You have the power.