Friday, February 12, 2010

A Start Toward New Things

In this blog I will look for news articles I find interesting and that I feel strongly toward.
I may agree, I may disagree; I may give praise, I may get heated... This will be the place I show "my true colors."

I am looking to develop my intellect in a distinct way-learning to analyze and articulate.

From time to time I may also post progress in various areas of my life. I will tell you now that I aim high and shoot for the stars each and every day-hence the name of my blog. There is one set goal in my life and that is to help others.

As I strive to find my best path to help others, I've always found myself leading back to Law. With a law degree I hope to find my way to the Senate where, although many find Senators disconnected, I plan to advocate for the public. There will always be disagreements with politicians, but they are representing a huge mass of people. Not everyone can be pleased.

I know that I will struggle along the way to attain my goals in life, but I look forward to the challenges, the triumphs and the great times to be had.

Until next time.

Yours classically,


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