Saturday, March 6, 2010

What type of person are you?

I watched a movie last night called "The People Speak." It was fantastic and I totally recommend it for anyone who wants to be inspired by the truth. It wasn't a motivational movie but it was analytic in how revolution has been created over the years.

Today I realized that I'm not a generational motivator. In my opinion, everyone should be their own motivator.

If you want something to happen, make it happen. If you want something, go get it.

Work hard, and make things happen.

I've personally experienced this throughout the past few years. After being kicked out of my father's house in 2008, right before college, I was forced to be a go-getter. I have always been like that, but it was only strengthened by this incident.

A lot of people have come to me for advice on how to make things happen, what's the best solution, how to get what they want. In my opinion, everyone has to take their own path. Really look at where you want to go. If you see an end goal, think about the decision you have to make and the best choice to keep on the path toward success.

Don't rely on other's success to make you motivated. Sometimes it is essential to have a rolemodel to say - "Hey, you can do anything you put your mind to" but that's exactly it - you're the one that can make it happen. To go to college, if you're unable to get loans, what's the next best solution? Can you go to a grandparent to access funds? Can you take night classes and work during the day? Each decision is hard, but you have to be a self-motivator.

I really feel that whatever one ends up deciding shows their true passions. So, if you truly have a passion for knowledge, for learning, for academic success, you need to find a route for that. If you possess a true love of something, you will find a way. Be a self-motivator. Use any and all resources available to you. Make your dreams come true. It is you that matters. It is your dreams that are at stake. Look up to somebody for guidance, but rely on yourself to make the changes.

You have the power.

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