Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Battle of Social Networking

It's the new generation. Highlighted by unimaginable access of information, the ever harder working middle class and problematic illusive privacy.

Although many fight about the privacy of Facebook, Twitter and even Google, even more people are expressing themselves on purpose to the public.

But this expression of one's self can become a burden. The ultimate goal, to capture the most virtual customers possible comes at a price -- Time and Personal Interests.

Time is not something that is easy to find. In fact, as you may well know, there are never enough hours in the day. To become a blogger is to blog regularly and to use up precious minutes. Perhaps ultimately making our day more productive by taking our wasted minutes and fitting in a few last words or by impeding our work day by slipping in that interesting thought instead of sending out that e-mail to coworkers.

How about personal interests; do we really express what we have an interest in? You can. But in reality, everything is tailored to what the majority of people want. We see that we got a new follower, I better make my next tweet similar. Oh, wow! Another blogger likes mine -- my next blog must be better!

Of course, not many stop and think about it, but it's true. Social Networking is all about making yourself known and getting the word out about who you are. But if we're limited to showing our friends what they're interested in, you're going to lose interest. If you blog about what you're interested in, you're following will suffer. The Battle of Social Networking has started. We all know who's winning the war -- those that have hit it big time and those on their way up.

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