Saturday, January 1, 2011

Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum

Today was the "First Free Day" for the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum in Boston.

Although the museum is well renowned, I didn't get what was so great about it. I love art, sculpture and architecture but the way that the building brought the three together threw me off. I didn't get the sense of unity amongst the art pieces. Without a functional way to view all the pieces drawing their spirit together there can't be a sensible way to view it.

Throughout the building there were absolutely unique and beautiful sculptures, busts, fireplaces and of course the beautiful green courtyard. Some of the art was even built into the walls, but it just didn't do it for me. Perhaps I'll go again when it's free to view the art, but I'll need to go through with an audio set to truly understand what Ms. Gardner was trying to bring to the table.

I'd have loved to include a picture of what I mean, but absolutely no photography (even without flash) is allowed in the museum.

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