Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Time; A Fresh Breathe

As the summer starts, it's time to start anew. Breathe the fresh air, take in the beautiful sun and roam the uneven streets of Boston.

I've declared this as my summer. This will be the summer that I take my experiences to new places that will give me insight into others' experiences. It may be food, it may be the farmer's markets or a new movie theatre. There's plenty of free stuff in Boston and great ways to enjoy things at discounted prices.

So far this summer I have rediscovered some of my favorite loves of Boston summers:

The Farmer's Market at Haymarket has so many vendors with ridiculously cheap prices for produce. The strawberries always look delicious, plump, juicy, and a dark rich red color.

The Boston Public Library is not just amazingly beautiful on the outside. Inside the BPL there is a courtyard with a fountain and statute. My favorite is relaxing and reading at one of the many tables around the courtyard that always seems to be peaceful.

Something new I just recently tried was a restaurant called Saus. It's a Belgian Waffle House with a variety of fries and waffles. The real adventure is the multitude of sauces that are served at, conviently named, Saus. I tried the Truffle Ketchup Sauce and it was splendid. I was surprised by the strong flavour of the truffle but, of course, it was delectable. Accidentally, I also tried the Pungent Sauce. It has a vinegar, blue cheese, bacon, shallot flavor. Be careful if you're vegetarian - this is not for you, I learned the hard way (bacon, bacon, bacon).

My final goal for this summer is to save enough money to back pack across Europe next summer. Summer 2012 will be my last summer to take advantage of my freedom. I'll have prospects of Law school near ahead. As I post in my blog, I will tally my progress toward my goal so that I can be held accountable for what I'm saving toward my trip. Granted I can make do with just a couple thousand dollars, my goal is to have a lot of fun and stay as long as possible abroad. An open ended goal is the way to go :)

Progress toward my goal right now - $2315.40 ... not bad

Until next time,


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