Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Trouble in Paradise?

I have been internet-less and roommate-less over the past week. I'm going stir-crazy, but that means whenever I run into people I get a little zany. All I have been doing is trying to plan for this upcoming year... it's hard to do without internet. So, instead, I've been reading "Coming of Age in Mississippi." It's a truly moving story about Anne Moody's childhood through adult-hood years. For the first time ever I've felt angry about how blacks were treated in the South (and even partially at fault). Being from Massachusetts, I've been so sheltered from the facts. Yes, I know segregation existed and "still" exists, but to me in MA 'still' was a contextual term that didn't apply where I was from. Now that I'm in Mississippi where it has all happened, I can't neglect the realities of what happened. Walking past the old Greyhound Station in downtown Jackson (which isn't much of a downtown compared to Northern cities... sadness) is a memorable moment. Seeing rundown historic areas is even more indicative of the sort of culture around black history in the south. Farish St. - probably the most historic street in Jackson - is completely run down with boarded up houses and closed businesses. I think I saw 2 open buildings for the 30-40 I saw that were falling to pieces. I finished Anne Moody's autobiography today and I can tell you that I refuse to let the gaps in humane treatment to persist. There's no sense in people receiving less care because of any part of their being (be it race, sex, sexual orientation or any of those characteristics we all hear yet never remember) Anyway, no - there is no real trouble in Paradise.. just being without internet service and roommates is making me go crazy. Oh, and not being able to walk as much as I'd like! I'll give you an update on my school travels soon (the next time I happen to pop into the coffee shop!). Brief snapshot: I love my school, I love my teachers, I love my principal and I'm sure I will love my students when they show up on the 10th! Yesssss.

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